Welcome to Visit Management

A good product alone is not always sufficient to obtain success in the global market. The customer's impression of the entire process and the company behind it can have a significant importance to the success, and whether the customer wishes to enter into a business relation.

Through solid experience within visit planning and execution on behalf of companies, Visit Management ensures that your company during a visit is presented as a professional business partner and that the visitor obtains the best impression possible.

Contact us next time you are to open your doors to new customers or VIP associates - and let us ensure a professional and well-planned visit.

It's worth it! 


Planning from A til Z

- 1 agenda - from arrival to departure

   We fulfill the expectations 
   We work with the best collaborators
   We ensure optimization of time 
   Co-host and point-of-contact 

Company check-out

- An internal employee does not always notice everything

   What is the visitor´s first impression?
   Are all safety aspects considered?
   Are you culturally prepared? 
   Do you know exactly what to serve?

Guide and co-host 

- We are there for you - all the way


   We offer guide service and safety
   We are "your man in the field"
   Cultural visits according to your wish

24 hours support

- when required for best customer service

  We are available during the entire visit  
  We can act as the 1. point-of-contact
  Visitors are not here only 8AM - 4PM